The JC Brand Consulting provides game plans, branding strategies and engaging consulting services for all startups and business sizes. You will receive the most tailored advice through Jenny’s one-on-one coaching, and a creation of services that meet your brand’s vision. The JC Brand Consulting delivers high-profit strategies through various outlets, from in-person to virtual, giving entrepreneurs the ability to profit with passion. 

Every idea of success must collaborate with a distinct action plan to manage and produce prosperous results. Your branding plans should bring clarity and direction to the pursuit of your startup goals. 

Whether you have one empire or a handful of them, making one wrong move in the sphere of business can end the startup journey quicker than beginning it. Jenny’s consulting plan through her handcrafted TRINITY process will help build a business strategy personally designed for you to take over your industry. 


 The JC Brand Consulting service’s mission is to guide you into your journey of success following passion first. Your company’s growth is the value our success. Our vision is to see your brand’s journey from start to ongoing. Jenny’s visualization process is to first walk the steps of what birthed your startup idea, and build plans and strategies to create it to life. 


Just as Jenny Chang has developed her very own handcrafted 5 Staging Process in her journey to mastering unmatchable event productions, the attention to details and compartmentalization is no different for her consulting services. Her consulting strategy is uniquely tailored and divided into The Trinity Journey. It's a process  created from Jenny’s personal startup journey, and combined with the detailed system guaranteed to monitor the success of her 5 star celebrations. Every entrepreneur with a profound business idea deserves to visualize and have an expectation of the journey they’re planning to embark on.

The Trinity Journey is the purpose of setting the expectation of your branding journey, and securing you to know why, when, and how to move the mountains to success.